Dear Museum van Loon

Based on the motif pattern of wall papers and furnitures in Museum van Loon in Amsterdam, I made drawings and sckeches in the various sizes with ink and pencils. Museum van Loon is famous as beautiful and unique interior and exterior created in 19th century. Since I visited to Museum van Loon first time I have been deeply fascinated by interior and atomousfier of garden in Museum van Loon. Especially pettern of wallpaper and fanutures which was designed with  organic Aisian motifs such as fernery, pomegranate, sheep, and monkey. These elements were applied to European classic style beautifully,  friendly and delicately. When I am  in these room which is integrated with western and eastern style, it gives me the strong impression as if it is reflected on me and my life in Europe has been trying to integrate and communicate to people and culture in Holland since I immigrated from Japan.