The seeking 3
2012, Galerie OOST 99, Hoorn NL

When I was 10 years old, I went a foot of a Mt. Fuji in Japan by school excursion. I found an old well. The well was filled with deep green blue water . I saw the pink gold and yellow silver waves on the water. It was the light reflected on the fish-swinging bottom of the well. I gazed it a while and could not move in the foggy morning Mt. Fuji behind me. I was wondering why these fishes could swim in the well freely as a birds. And why the water was so pure even I could see the small stones and coins on the bottom of the well. Later I heard that the water of well was the spring coming from Mt. Fuji. And there were eight springs near by this well and these all springs are connected under the ground and sharing the water from the mountain. I was impressed that when I stand by the well, I only perceived this old well, but under the ground it was connected and pure water was streaming in the all the spring.

The draings were drew with 86 different pencils. These pencils are 16 different brans and produced in 11 different counries.





Photo: Shingo Osanai