About my work


In my works I have been trying to express a certain subtle human impression based on the ordinary daily life that surrounds us. I have been searching for the primitive and intrinsic impression that would be easily forgotten during our normal daily lives. Over the years I have been making installation related works with my drawings, ceramics and textiles.
During my working process I am collecting all kinds of impressions. I build these impressions by having conversations with people about there life and routines, their habits and habitation. I am very much interested in peoples traditions and I like to play with traditional and habitual concepts. By moving or changing these traditional “rules” I like to arouse a certain “dizziness” in the spectator. During this dizziness it could happen that new meanings are forming.
When I am investigating for a new work I am making sketches / photo’s connected with my concept. After some period I am usually starting to materialize my ideas in rather small pieces. These pieces are helping me to form and find the boundaries of my subject. I have to get a certain rhythm (working on a daily basis) in my work in order to, somehow, ironically, forget my concept. When I’m in that stage I can touch the basic idea of what I’m materializing. Gradually I am building up a world collected from daily life. This world consists of a whole range of feelings, shared by many people.